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In this post I will be talking about a news story that came out a few days titled CDC warns that Americans may be overmedicating youngest children with ADHD. This article talks about exactly what it sounds like. The CDC thinks that ADHD medication is given out too much. The CDC recommends behavior therapy first, before putting your child on medication. the CDC also claims that medication should cautiously given out because the long-term effects of medication have not been studied, “But the long-term effects of those drugs on a young brain and body have not been well studied, and the side effects can be numerous, including poor appetite, sleeplessness, irritability and slowed growth.”

I agree with the CDC in that behavior therapy should be the first option when you discover that your child has ADHD.

“Georgina Peacock, director of the CDC’s human development and disability division, said that experts recommend parent- or teacher-led behavior therapy for children with ADHD at this age as opposed to therapies like Applied Behavior Analysis, which focuses on the child and is considered by some to be the gold standard for treating children on the autism spectrum. Peacock explained that adult-led therapy can have a two-fold benefit: It helps strengthen the bond between a parent and a child and gives parents a toolkit to help them learn positive ways to set limits, impose appropriate consequences and improve communication.”

The CDC also states that no children under the age of 6 should be given medication because their brains are still developing at a very rapid pace. The CDC states that even tough the number of ADHD diagnoses are rising this does not mean that the issue is rising. The CDC states that the rise in the prevalence of ADHD can be caused from unrealistic demand in schools or from stressed out parents obsessed with having a perfect child.



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