Preliminary Idea


For my final project I want to talk about learning disabilities in children and how they affect the learning process. I want to also research medication that is given to kids who have learning disabilities and determine whether it is a good or bad thing that medication is handed out so readily. I want to study this question because many of my cousins have learning disabilities so learning more about this topic will help me relate to their problems. Another reason I want to study this question is because I work at a preschool during the summers so knowing more information about learning disabilities I will be able to teach and interact better with the children who have learning disabilities. I do not know much about this topic already so I am excited to learn more about learning disabilities. What I do know is that there are many different types of learning disabilities children can have and that they all need to be treated differently. I have found many articles about learning disabilities in children about various different topics. These articles deal with how to teach children with learning disabilities as well as indicators of learning disabilities. Many of these indicators can be easily confused with bad behavior in children such as difficulty paying attention and difficulty listening and so many times learning disabilities go undiscovered for a long period of time. On the other hand some indicators can be very obvious like delayed ability to speak, poor self expression and trouble distinguishing left from right. For my topic I have the perfect campus event coming up. A doctor in childhood development is coming to campus to speak for the teaching fellows about various different learning disabilities and how to deal with and teach children who have learning disabilities. This event is open to non teaching fellows as well so I will be attending this event.


Types of Learning Disabilities